crochet hat

Pattern by City Style:

Winter hat

I make each item however most of my patterns are bought from others.  With each item I will have who designed the pattern. 

If there is nothing by the picture, it is my design. 

This is my pattern, which is a basic double crochet pattern. 

fedora style cotton hat
fedora hat style

 Fedora Hat   Pattern comes from Smeckybits Designs

To the left is a crochet beanie called "Fishnet Beanie".  It was designed by Liz McQueen: 

If you like the style but not the color you can pick the two colors.  Think about your favorite teams.

Pattern was bought from Past Perfect Patterns:

Pattern is by Long Beach Designs:

Pattern is by CityStyle:

The pattern is from 

The Fuzzy Noggin.

It can be found on


Designer of this hat pattern is

Nancy Brown: 'Be-Ribboned Hats'.

Pattern can be found


winter hat

Most of my patterns come from individuals  on etsy.  

Here are some designers I use with their permission.

Kallie Designs:

Naturally Nora:

Rose Dew:

Simply Made by Erin:

Sans Limites Crochet:

The Fuzzy Noggin:

 Holland Design:

Mamachee Designs: